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  1. The Colorado Senate has just moved to table the vote on SB 175 until May 8th. I bet that is because Fort Collins Democratic State Senator, John Kefalas, is undecided in how to vote, and his vote is the one that will swing this over into law, if he votes for it. Without him, however, the Democrats do not have the votes to pass this horrible law. All Fort Collins residents should go to Senator Kefalas’ website, and send him the message that we are strongly opposed to this Bill. We now have some more breathing room. Thanks to all fellow Christians who are standing strong against this Bill.

    Also, don’t forget the other Democratic Senators…. many of whom are Catholic and should listen to the voice of our Archbishop Samuel Joseph Aquila, who has worked tirelessly to voice the objection of all Christians against this genocide.

    1. I am pro-life. But even pro-choice individuals should be reasonable to realize that the far reaching ambiguity of this bill could be incredibly negative for our society. For instance, parental rights regarding child healthcare could be compromised. Children as young as 10-11 may be able to gain access to birth control or abortions without parental consent. Sex among 10-11 year olds is not biologically normal nor is it expected, nor is it positive for society. Show me a 10 year old girl who is having sex and got pregnant, and you are showing me a victim of some sort of coersion 90% of the time. But all of that could be swept under the rug if she can just get birth control or an abortion without parental permission. If your child is behaving dangerously at age 10, and gets caught drinking, the school principle would notify you. But a healthcare provider could potentially sweep all of this under the rug and parents could be left in the dark, unaware and unable to help their child in this heartbreaking time in her life. Healthy young women do not begin having sex at 10. Keep signing this petition even though the legislation is supposedly dead. Make sure that no one tried to resurrect it!

    2. It says he is having a community meeting at Dazbog Coffee 9am to 10:30 on April 19th. It would be amazing if the place was flooded with pro-lifers.

  2. I beg and pray that the legislators of the S.B. 175 appeal to their conscience and see the dangers of this bill and and vote NO. That they recognize what it will do to the future of mankind, to Colorado, and this nation. This is not of God.

  3. Stand Up!…For Life…Do NOT give up hope that the majority of people in this country want laws like this…Do NOT give up hope that the majority of people in this country are willing to let the unborn lose their right to LIVE…Do NOT give up hope that we CAN stop these laws that allow the horrific killings of the unborn. Do NOT give up hope in the power of prayer…BUT PRAY, and ACT…STAND UP. CALL your congressman, your senators. WRITE TO THEM, with paper and pen….not just emails…STAND UP, and tell them that killing the unborn, is NOT just a ‘choice’….call it what it is, murder of a child.

  4. Having worked in the abortion room in a major hospital in Denver..if any of the legislators needed convincing that this bill is a crime against God and his children and if they could watch the tiny baby parts, feet, arms etc. fly through these suction tubes..they would NEVER vote for any type of support for abortion. We have 3 adopted children and thank those wonderful birth mothers for their incredible gifts to us. They are the heroes to us.

  5. Please turn away from the evil of this bill. Abortion kills a living child, harms women physically, emotionally and spiritually, and deprives a man of Fatherhood. How have we women allowed ourselves to be convinced that it is acceptable to KILL our own child? This is the voice of evil pervading our country, robbing us of our children and fueled by the profits gained through this horrific evil.

  6. Vote NO, Nancy Todd, I urge you to just vote NO. It is not right to put a bill out like this during these hard times when everyone in life struggles to keep themselves from committing a serious and deadly act from being committed.

  7. We need to do all we can to end abortion in America in our lifetime. This is our invisible Holocaust, and if we let it continue I fear God will find a way to put an end to it through judging our nation. We need to pass these personhood amendments in every state, and at the federal level.

    But we cannot effectively legislate a morality that the majority does not desire to abide by. We must, in addition to passing these amendemnts, also begin changing people’s minds, whether they think abortion is a right, or whether they think it’s not a big deal, or they simply prefer not to think about it, we need to change people’s minds if we are to change the course of this nation.

    Please check out the booklet I wrote to this effect: “What to the Babe is the Fourth of July?” available on

    If you want bulk copies I will get them to you at cost, meaning whatever it costs me to get them at my author wholesale plus shipping to you (roughly $2.50 – $3.00 each total, depending on shipping).

    My dream is to send a copy to every state legislator in every state capitol as well as D.C., I’ll be starting with my home state of Michigan.

  8. Legislators, do not let this become law! This is pure evil. Abortion kills a child, damages a woman physically, emotionally, spiritually and deprives a man of the gift of Fatherhood! How did women become persuaded that it is their right to kill their own child? Look to the financial gains being made by this abortion industry and we can see what is propelling this bill. Prayers everyone!

  9. Abortion kills a potential TAX PAYING CITIZEN, who will contribute to my Social Security. Please, please stop aborting these future citizens. Our culture will not survive if our birthrate drops below 2.5 per childbearing woman. Legislators. wake up!

  10. Cut and Paste:

    Also, on Denver’s Channel 9 News:

    Hello ~ I am and always have been a pro-life person, regardless of my religious or fraternal association. Having said that, I am a Catholic and a 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, sworn to uphold the sanctity of life from conception forward. I don’t blog or comment unless I am extremely moved to action, and, I have been. To know that our Senators tried to push this through without debate is vulgar. To see our Archbishop (on the steps of our capitol!), our Parish Priest asking for support, several Colorado Senators, my fraternal leadership and several Brother Knights all getting on board with this, I had to post. It is congruent with the edicts of the Order.

    Forward the link, to all your family and friends who believe that we are “one nation, under God, for liberty and justice to all…. and yes, born and unborn.” Have them call ALL senators in Colorado to oppose this bill full of ambiguity and theatrical politics. Fill their voicemail and email. We have three weeks in instead of hours. May 8th.

    God is large and in charge, and was in the hall, today.

    Vivat Jesus,

  11. Abortion takes the life of the innocent &, thus, takes from all of mankind!

    My prayer is that Holy Spirit will touch hearts of all people in this nation, as to how evil this act is truly is. And, that we, as a nation, will listen & fight to stop allowing the MURDER of the unborn.

    Abortion is not the painless physical procedure for the unborn LIFE, as many want us to believe. In this society, if one chose to rip a living infant apart, most would be up in arms at such an evil act. Why such silence when the same act is performed on a living child, when he is literally ripped apart in pieces from his mother’s womb?

    The women involved in this most evil act are left with emotional & mental scars that will last a lifetime.

    The decision is made by those with the vote. Please vote no to what Brian Stephens so aptly named “our invisible Holocaust” — it is just that & we as a nation will suffer the just punishment for allowing such a thing to continue! I believe, that in some respects, this nation is already paying the price for allowing such an evil act to have continued for so long.

    God bless America!

  12. Please choose life! After recently losing a baby, the thought of someone having the right to end the gift of life saddens me. There are people out there that long for a child and will gladly adopt but struggle to even be able to get a child. Imagine all of the people who long to have a child being able to adopt and make their families complete. Please choose life!!!!!! God Bless!

  13. Please let us all pray that our legislators will open their eyes and realize that murder whether at 90 years old or 9 days old is still MURDER. Let us all hope that they will accept God’s message to care for ALL people.

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