sign the petition – stop SB175


180 thoughts on “sign the petition – stop SB175

  1. Since I was born to an unwed mother, if abortion had been legal in 1945, I probably wouldn’t be here, so I guess one could say I was born pro-life. Please do what is right and vote NO on SB175. God is watching.

    1. This is a terrible bill for the obvious reasons listed, but also because it negates the very function of the legislative branch of government, that is, to enact laws! One may substitute any number of decisions for “reproductive health care” which would lead to similarly absurd results. Extremely broad, poorly written, vague and unnecessary “law”!

    2. My three children are modern day miracles spared by their birth mothers from abortion. By today’s standards my two sons who were “crack babies” were perfect candidates for abortion. Interestingly enough one wants to be a neurosurgeon and the other wants to go into law enforcement. Our daughter’s birth mother’s first inclination was abortion but fortunately she was counseled on adoption as an option. She couldn’t be happy with choosing life. Our daughter plans to go into Architecture. Imagine how different the world would be without these gifts from God. Yes it is true they were not planned. Yes they were extremely inconvenient to their birth families, but that does not change the fact that they are gifts from our maker. God have mercy on the souls of anyone who supports senate bill 175. It is a travesty!’
      Margaret Cuba

  2. Please encourage everyone that you know to argue against this bill. Please call your State Senators and Representatives, and also email them. Time is of the essence! This bill is a Pandora’s box, with many harmful and unintended consequences if it should be passed. It was purposely written to be so vague and general, that it would prohibit any current or future laws to restrict abortion. May God be with us in this cause!

    1. Besides the fact that all laws supporting abortion are immoral per se, this law is especially horrific. The law states “THE STATE, ITS AGENCIES, INSTITUTIONS, OR POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS, OR ANY OTHER UNIT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT SHALL NOT ENACT ANY POLICY THAT DENIES OR INTERFERES WITH AN INDIVIDUAL’S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE DECISIONS.” This means that if a woman wants her auto-mechanic next door neighbor to perform her abortion in his garage (assuming for the sake of argument that he is not also a licensed medical doctor), she has the absolute right to make that decision. It also means that if a woman wants to have an abortion after 8 1/2 months of her term, she has the absolute right to make that decision. That also means that if a 14 year old minor (who is obviously an “Individual” under this law’s definition) wants to have an abortion, she can do so without consulting with her parents, legal guardians, family doctors, or anyone else, and she can force her parents to pay for the procedure because they are financially responsible for her until she turns 18. This is a ridiculous Bill that was not thoughtfully drafted and, regardless of whether you are on the right side of the abortion debate (immoral to kill other humans), or the wrong side (OK to kill humans if they get in the way of your life), everyone should be against it as a matter of principle.

  3. Senator Andy Kerr is NOT representing his constituents by sponsoring this bill. I know… I am on of those constituents. Pray we change the self centered hearts of those who ignore the will of God and then try to impose that self centered will on the rest of society, all in the smoke screen name of “rights” those same rights we deny the babies alive in their mother’s womb.

    1. Just as an addition to your comment, Don – I did write twice to Senator Kerr and in the first and only response I received, he mentioned the need for “guaranteeing every individual the fundamental right of privacy and freedom to make their own decisions regarding their personal health care”.

      In response, I asked about his guaranteeing the fundamental right and freedom of the human in the womb. I am still waiting on the reply.

  4. Please do not pass this bill. It sets us down a path where the sanctity of human life no longer matters and the unborn truly becomes a “nuisance.” Allowing less restrictions on abortions and marginalizing parent involvement puts blood on all of our hands. PLEASE KILL THIS UGLY, DISGUSTING BILL!

  5. Abortion denies the most basic human right to future Americans – the right to life (and citizenship) after conception.

    Originally indifferent, I am now staunchly Pro-Life. Appeals to the Constitutional, rather than religious arguments are what changed my mind.

    I became aware that the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution are inseparable. (See Article VII.) “The Declaration was the promise and the Constitution it’s fulfillment.” (-110th Congress).

    The Declaration of Independence describes how our human rights are inalienable because they are granted by God alone and that they extend to all men AND THEIR POSTERITY.

    Abortion denies the most basic of Constitutional rights — the right to life — to the most defenseless of our citizens. Therefore I believe it must be vigorously opposed.

  6. I pray that you will vote for LIFE and that you will follow Our Lord’s teachings and what our Founding Fathers intended when creating our Constitution.

  7. This legislature is dangerous!!! Parents NEED to guide their children, esp. when they are facing a crisis or huge decision, like becoming a parent! I trust that the state of Colorado will vote & choose to protect the relationships between parent & child~giving the child support, information, guidance by those who love & care for them MOST. Thank YOU~

  8. The bill is refered to as Reproductive Health but abortion is not about health but rather about death. When we present bills such as this which enshrine abortion into Colorado Law we continue to promote a “culture of death” rather than life. If the senators are concerned about women in difficult pregrancies why not invest in programs and facilities that will assist them especially to maintain their dignity. The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights and it needs to be protected. Please vote against this bill it’s not good for Colorado and not good for women, men or children

  9. This bill is annihilating the rights of the unborn babies. It should not be anyone’s choice let alone someone’s right to choose to end a person’a life. If we are allowing this to happen what else will be allowed?

  10. This is needless legislation is meant to stir up the pro-abortion base ahead of the mid-term election. There are already laws that protect access to reproductive health services as well as patient privacy.

  11. I was born 3 months early – I was indeed a child- an infant – not a blob of non living tissue. My 96 year old grandmother was born 3 months early. Viability is an invalid argument. Young children/infants need to be sustained – this does not make then less of a human. Abortion is a wrongful termination of life. If a single living cell was discovered on Mars or on the moon it would be huge scientific news – but yet in a supposedly ‘enlightened’ and conscientious society we have to have endless debates on whether the life of a fetus should be considered a ‘life’ worth protecting and allowing to live. The short and definitive answer is yes. Life should not be terminated because it is inconvenient.

  12. My heart is so heavy that anyone would think this is okay. But that is the lie of the evil one! Please vote NO on SB175. Psalm 137 says we are created by God and “knit… together in (our) mother’s womb”…that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”…that His “works are wonderful”… that our “frame is not hidden from Him when we are made in the secret place”…that His “eyes see (our) unformed bodies (the embryo)” and that He has ordained all the days of our lives. This is a testimony of how God sees each person ever conceived. Even my handicapped daughter was precious in His sight. Indeed. Pray for a heart change in our country!!

  13. I was born at 24 weeks, so this issue is very important to me because of my experiences at birth.

    It is our responsibility to raise our children, please stop trying to usurp our role by passing laws like this one.

  14. Please, vote “no” on this bill. This bill eliminates the right of Colorado citizens to have a voice in life issues. Without state regulations on abortion clinics, Colorado will end up like Kermit Gosnell’s operation. Parental notification is sooooooo important because of minors going in for abortions and not wanting their parents to be aware — is this what the legislators want? Parents need to be involved in the sex education being offered in the schools. This bill is not for our State!

  15. The Archbishop said that abortion bills are an attack on the truth. This is quite true–people only ignore the truth when a lie is more convenient to accept. I pray for our youth, that they may be strong against such attacks and defend what they know to be the truth.

  16. SB175 Certainly will hinder the family and parents will be losing their rights to protect their children.
    Let’s stop doing for the minority and do what the majority want done in our state and America.

  17. A pro-life stance and a love for freedom of speech and religious liberty go hand-in-hand. SB 175 would take away both freedom of speech and assembly and religious liberty.

  18. President Reagan said it very well: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” And Dr. Seuss: “A person is a person no matter how small.”

  19. This bill sets a dangerous precedent for the nation. VOTE NO! Any one who truly cares about women will realize the danger of allowing no restrictions on a medical procedure. This is not pro-woman, it is pro-money, pro-murder, pro-violence.

  20. This bill is bad legislation, regardless of Pro Life or Pro Choice. It does not provide a true informed choice for women. It does not provide safe care for women. I am surprised Senator Aguilar, MD supports this bill. I would expect a physician to truly understand informed consent, provision of quality care which is regulated to provide safety for the patient. This bill does NOT provide this. I am Pro Life but believe the Pro Choice contingent is being sold down the river!

  21. Everyone has their stand on this topic. Plainly, this is a fate that breaks the Lord’s heart, this should never be a fate for a child. The act of taking a child’s life stays with you forever. God loves us too much to want that pain for us. Passing this bill will cause so much sorrow/damage to the souls of women, let alone the innocence of adolescents.

  22. We are already contemplating leaving this state after our last child graduates because Colorado has become California’s septic tank. First recreational marijuana will create a dependence culture and if this passes there will be a culture of death. Only potheads and pro-aborts will flock here. Think of the future of this state and vote NO.

  23. I serve at Birthline Inc of Colorado, a crisis pregnancy center that first started (under the name of Birthright Inc of Denver) in 1969. Our cause is to save the lives of the unborn and to help woman with all the needs of/for these babies. We not only help them with the one they are carrying, but all/any of their children already born. We help them for as many years as needed, not just the first few months and/or years. We do NOT tell them what to do as we know God has given them their free Will. We just let them know how we can help them so they will hopefully carry their babies to term.
    God bless all those who support our pregnancy center.

  24. Please consider the health of the women you profess to protect. This legislation is detrimental to women.

  25. 23 + 23 human chromosomes combine to create a unique human being at the moment of fertilization. There is never a time when you weren’t you. We are all human beings in differing stages of development. We never stop developing from the moment of fertilization until the moment of our death. Therefore, we are all human beings from fertilization until death and the innocent among us do not deserve to be intentionally killed, and the preborn are the most innocent and defenseless among us. It’s a sad state of affairs when we are forced to even discuss such things. Let’s not allow the evil culture of death to grow even larger. STOP SB175.

  26. Thank you, Lord, for the wisdom and courage of all those who are willing to continue to fight this fight for the rights of the unborn.

  27. One of the senators in favor of the law told me she “wants to ensure a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices”…but in the next breath she claimed that this law won’t change existing laws or protections (parental consent, facility standards, etc.)
    But we already have laws for that, so why are they wasting time & taxpayer funds on redundant legislation? The answer, of course, is that this new legislation is specifically designed to “sneak in” & alter the existing laws.

  28. I am female and pro-life; I am more than a feminist, I am for ALL human rights, regardless of gender, creed, religion, etc. I am NOT a doctor but the last time I checked, cells are alive and are the basic building block of organisms, i.e. a human being. An egg and a sperm without the other are just cells. Uniquely, their “unification” immediately begins the development of a human life. Why are there questions? Being a female and by nature the host and keeper of that life to progress does not give a female a right to terminate that process of development of life, again LIFE. In fact, as a society, we should all strive to protect that process as if it were our own life’s development at stake and that process becomes a temporary mandate. Does that suck? Sure does sometimes. Life/nature is fraught with challenges and sucky things but mankind has managed to overcome and work (yes, work) through things. Terrible, awful, inconvenient things happen in life. We want those bad things gone, forgotten, or just stopped. But that should not be the approach to a life, no matter what. People should be understanding, supportive, and offer mitigating gestures/solutions. That terrible, awful, inconvenient event or occurrence will never disappear from any one’s story/memory but that life will. Daily we look at the proof of what happens once that development completes and yet we know if it had been terminated our neighbors, strangers, etc. would not be around. But yet it boils down still to a right to do that???

  29. “Sovereignty passes from nation to nation on account of injustice, insolence and wealth” (Sirach 10:8). This law is unjust, its supporters are insolent toward God and motivated by greed. Bingo! Our nation will be trampled.

  30. Would be very curious, if they applied the same standards to tattoo parlors there would be outrage. Allow children as young as 10 to get a tattoo without parental notice? Suspend or not enforce health standards? Prevent future legislation to infringe? Then why abortion? Make not sense at all.

  31. 93% of abortions are for convenience. Our Government wishes to take guns away from lawful citizens, but write bills to murder thousands of innocent babies every day in America. America will pay!

  32. This bill shows that the holocaust of killing our own babies is alive and well. Please vote NO.
    All those in favor of slavery were free. All those in favor of abortion were born. Please don’t take part in the lies of our secular world. Please vote NO!

  33. SB 175 would prevent laws requiring ultrasound (which give mothers information necessary for consent); prevent laws requiring waiting periods (which give girls and women time to get away from those selling abortions so they can think through their decision); prevent laws requiring parental notice (which ensure girls as young as 10 or 11 get counsel and comfort from those who know them best, love them most); prevent requiring safety regulations in abortion clinics (which minimize the possibility that the horrors of Gosnell’s Philadelphia business will occur here in Colorado.)

    SB 175 is NOT pro-woman. It is merely pro-abortion. And because it prevents common-sense regulations, it will deny girls and women much-needed protection.

  34. God is the author of life–all life. There is nothing more precious than the gift of life and yet we propose to throw it away for mere convenience. It must be preserved if we are to be faithful to our Creator and His gift.

  35. On Dec 13, 2013, my heart stopped three times in the Emergency Room at St. Francis Hospital. Doctors told my I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have not only survived, but survived with no brain damage. My first thought on gaining consciousness the next day was “Thank God I did not enter into eternity while holding grudges against others.” I shudder to even think what it must be like to enter into eternity with the terrible guilt of having supported the terrible evil of abortion. Pray that politicians will see the “light” before it is too late for them, and will no longer take actions that promote abortion! The baby in the womb is NOT part of the woman’s body. It is a totally separate human being and can even have a different blood type. Babies are in such short supply to adopt in the USA that couples are having to go to foreign countries to adopt!

  36. Andy Kerr Because you have started your plan and contents of HB175, there has been many contacts to people across the United States. The people that I have contacted are horrified
    that you have presented this bill.

  37. The United States is as guilty as Laos, Nazies, Rowanda etc of genocide in the name of legalizing abortion . Aborting millions of babies that God greated in the name of women’s rights is still murder.

  38. Killing of the unborn is at the root of every problem in the United States of American and each and every country that has laws supporting abortion. The message from the Lord is clear and simple “Stop killing the unborn”!!!

  39. I am appalled at those that abhor shootings yet say nothing about 300+ babies slaughtered daily. The Dems defend it & Gun control is the solution to violence. If you vote for a Dem Liar you are complicit in mass genocide

  40. Abortion kills a chlds right to live! Abortion is an immoral atrocity against the innocent unborn. I think it’s almost laughable that a parent MUST consent to their child being given a pill or any other type of medication in the school seeting, YET, if a child wants an abortion, the parents aren’t allowed to get involved. THIS IS SO WRONG! This bill will interefere with a parents RIGHTS to protect their children. We as the parents have the right to defend and keep our children safe. This bill has satan written all over it! Over 9,000 unborn babies are slaughtered every single day through Planned Parenthood, and this bill would allow a child as young as 11 years old to have an abortion, without parentl consent, YET the HAVE to have parentl consent to take a pill at school! THIS IS DIABOLICAL!!!! Don’t take our parental rights away!

  41. S.B. 175 is an appalling bill. Christians unite and PRAY to Jesus and Mary that this bill will not come to pass. Legislators please vote no to end this.

  42. If this was truly about reproductive health, I could agree with you, but it is not. It is about abortion which is the killing of an unborn human in the womb and is not healthy for that unborn person at all. I do believe we will all have to answer for our decisions to God and pray that you will have it in your heart to consider that you are condoning this killing. Think of the potential that all of those babies would have . Would one of them grow up to discover a cure for cancer? Or possibly a new energy source? If they are killed in utero they have no potential.

    1. I sent the above to Irene Aguilar, who is a M.D. but received no response to this email. I also added this to my email to her.

      Finally, since you are a medical doctor, I am not sure how you have convinced yourself that what you are doing is right. First do no harm. Well, there is total harm to the unborn child.

  43. My youngest son was born in 1980. I was on medicaid at the time and was 30 years old. I was offered an abortion. So glad I turned it down! Our son and his wife now have two beautiful sons of their own ages 6 and 7. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on this for anything in the world…

  44. My son, who could have been aborted in 1980, said one day when he was very young, ‘babies are alive if they are growing’. (He must have heard me talking about what happens to some unborn babies)

  45. We complain that there is a lack of respect in our society today, especially among young people. If we don’t respect those who are in the womb when life is just beginning, how does one expect people to have respect for those after life begins?

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